A U-Knead-Me Massage Services Exclusive concept in Massage.

Treatment Plans .

It all starts with an Initial Consultation.

It's simple, really. $49.00+tx and 60 Minutes of your time.

~10 minutes of Interviewing- your medical history and problems.

~45 Minutes of Diagnostic Massage- your therapist will tell you where he/she finds soft tissue problems and confirm where you already know your problems are.

~10 Minutes for your therapist to discuss his/her findings with you and give you his/her professional recommendation for treatment.

Great Rates for those who decide to come in on an Treatment Plan. Treatment plans are for those people who decide to work on a specific problem while coming in regularly for a period of time. Talk with your therapist during your initial consultation for more information.

Ask your therapist for additional information and book your Initial Consultation today. You've got nothing to lose, but the problems that bring you in in the first place.

Need additional time? Book for our 90 Minute initial consultation and get over an hour of massage with your initial visit! Only $69.00+tx and a great way to start out if you know you'll need more time with a therapist!

If you come in within 2 weeks of any prior treatment, then you can enjoy reduced pricing. Ask your therapist if you have any specific questions about massage therapy treatment plans. Tax is added to your treatment unless you have a prescription on file with our office.

30 Minutes: $29 +tx
45 Minutes: $39 +tx
60 Minutes: $49 +tx
90 Minutes: $75 +tx